Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Can It Be Replicated? Look at Rwanda's Development Gains in Context

This session of the Skoll 2013 Forum in Oxford was an interesting moment to review the progress of the health sector in Rwanda in service delivery. The discussion were done in the framework of Rwanda’s goal to grow GDP at 11% in the coming years, up from the current rate of 8%, by decreasing the number of people in poverty and with a spirit of change using the principle of  social entrepreneurship for development. The human rights were also evocated and discuss against right to health to development and decent life. The discussion tried to understand the principles behind Rwanda recovery in 19 years after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis; questioning the signification of democratic, the difference in the South, between people members of communities that are generaly poor and civil society that are generaly rich. The lack of accountability of a certain bad prototype of NGOs ...

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A Look at Rwanda's Development Gains in Context 2013 Skoll World Forum.